“I’m the biggest proponent of spending more money with Kudzu.”

Apalachee Hardwood Floors specializes in installation, finishing, repairs and maintenance of a wide variety of hardwood floors, including renewable resources such as cork and bamboo. It considers Kudzu to be a resource for quality new business leads, and renews its advertising commitment year after year. Click to read full article

Tools you can use

Writing Winning Articles:

How to Powerfully Market YOUR Small Business, Establish YOU as the Expert and Increase YOUR Sales!

Writing and submitting articles is an effective marketing strategy to deliver targeted visitors to your website, increase your search engine rankings and boost sales.

However, it is easy to equate article writing with onerous tasks such as writing high school or university essays. The memories of the pain involved in this form of writing can take time to fade away. The good news is that after learning a few simple steps, writing your own articles isn’t as hard as it appears.

One of the biggest hurdles most new writers face is finding ideas to write about. The easiest way to begin is to write about things you are interested in and preferably passionate about. You already have knowledge in these areas that can be shared with others. More »

Increase Your List with a Small Business Partnership:

One of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to grow your business and try out new marketing ventures is by forming a small business partnership. Not only will it increase your business, it helps your customer list to grow faster and can be an endless supply of valuable resources.

As a small business owner you realize that your customers manipulate the buying procedure and are usually overwhelmed with marketing advertisements that make it extremely difficult for any one business to stick out.

For this reason, small business owners are forming partnerships with other businesses as an alternative way to help increase their business and make their list grow faster. More »

101 Marketing Ideas

with Pattie Baker

Everyday Marketing

with Susannah Morgan

Pattie Baker


Pattie’s bio
“What superlatives can you claim about your business? (please, don’t say you are ranked anything but #1–saying you’re #3 just doesn’t cut it).  How can you be sure that potential customers know this about you?”
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Susannah Morgan
Quick tips, ideas and everyday tasks to help promote your business.
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Don’t forget, it’s better to be honest and protect yourself and experience a slightly lower possible response rate then it is to set yourself up for legal trouble or negative press.  It’s okay to massage consumer perceptions, but don’t use deceptive advertising.